Music That Releases Heaven's Touch

I was born in Bath, England, which is where I spent the first 17 years of my life studying as most kids do, growing up, finding out what life was about. Taking a year out after finishing A-Levels, I decided in the end to go for the University option and ended up, by cunning appointment, in Cheltenham (a long story!), county Gloucestershire. It was here my music ventures really began to take form, as I joined bands and introduced myself to singing. During my time at university, two summers in a row I went on mission reaching out to street children in Brazil. Seeing such poverty first-hand forever changed my life. 
I came away after three years with a BA Honours degree in Religious Studies  with Visual & Live Arts; a subject that touched many creative aspects, but that, by the third year, took form as Religious Studies major with Painting as my minor subject.  They worked well together -essentially forming religious ideologies through art. 

The next musical note on my journey saw me moving, three years later,  further north to pitch up tent in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I eventually settled into work with Cross Rhythms Radio and it was during my time here that I got married to Ween (from a transient-verb which means "one of strong faith"),  We have two children, Luke and Jacob, and they are such a blessing. 

In addition to having an itinerant national and international ministry, I am a teacher of contemporary singing. I volunteer a few hours a week for Access Radio , where I present a show going out Friday evenings 9-11pm, (repeated over the weekend). I am a Street Pastor for Congleton, Cheshire, and also partnered with NightChurch, Hanley.  I still enjoy painting and I am currently writing a novella  called Not Fire, But Blood; Not Judgement, But Love inspired by my first album "It Is Finished".
I, along with my family, attend the Beacon House Of Prayer, in Stoke-on-Trent.
My heart is to be a philanthropist and in my journey of growth in this so far, at least 10% or more of what I receive goes toward reaching out to communities I hear God speaking specifically to me about. These could be long-term charity giving such as Open Doors UK (serving the persecuted church) or moments in time one-off givings.

KEYnote Facts

...About Trace

  1. The Taylors
    The Taylors
  2. Freedom
  3. Skies
  4. Ja-Wa Trace!
    Ja-Wa Trace!
I think this quote from my friend, USA worship leader and song-writer Kevin Prosch sums me up:
"Love the music! People need to know though, that you are more than about music...” 

Thanks Kev.

​​(Trace has played on a number of radio stations locally and internationally including Premier Christian Radio and Bryan Chalker's internationally acclaimed show 'Same Roots, Different Fruits'. As an acclaimed performer, Trace is described as a creative and inspirational songwriter and someone who leads worshippers right into the throne room of Father God. Her first ep 'Trinity' received rave reviews as has her subsequent album, 'It is Finished' released 2015. Trace travels the country, sometimes with her band The Resonators. Having struck up a partnership with The Extreme Tour based in Nashville, Trace's demographic is enlargening. 2017 sees Trace's ministry expanding into parts of Europe and India is also on the horizon.)

The Resonators

  1. Pete Townsend - Bass
    Raised on a diet of big band music and now with a wealth of live and studio experience, covering everything from jazz to jug band music, Pete, who is endorsed by worldwide established Ritter bass guitars (to name one!) has joined me as of April 2013. This God-send, bringing his eclectic bass in all its fantastic array, also helps on the management side of things.
  2. Ween Taylor - Drums
    We have a 'Who' theme going on! Our very own Pete Townsend and now Ween (from Middle-English 'Wene', verb meaning to hope, believe, expect -many ask!!), who's drumming style is massively influenced on Keith Moon! Having been involved in numerous bands over the years, Ween acted as session drummer in the Gloucestershire area where he lived before moving up to Cheshire, in 2003. Ever since, he has been faithfully following his wife around on her various music ventures!!
  3. Theo Elsey - Violin
    Theo helped me out with aspects of my recording and joins me as a guest on occasions for worship ministry. Both he and his wife Moureen are a massive support. Moureen occasionally sings with me.