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Watch this video to find out what this is all about. Below you will find the vision behind it, for your reading. 
is calling the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Church, to a special assembly that will cause HIM to turn HIS face towards our Nation once again...

Ezra 10 Battalion
Ezra 10 Call To The U.K. Church

Dear Church of the U.K. Body of Christ,
Thank you for responding to the call of God, as part of His Church of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 
Together we will stand in unity across the four nations of our land, crying out to Father God our confessions for where we, as a Church, have partnered with unclean spirits and allowed them to infiltrate His beloved U.K. Church.
We will stand together to confess the sins of our Nation, and raise up a resounding cry of repentance.
We will call forth, together, Christ’s beloved U.K. Church as He sees Her - the pure, spotless Bride.
We will seek God for the actions we need to take and decisions we need to make, to realign ourselves according to His Perfect Will and Righteous Ways.
We will go out, together, into the grounds and high places of our cities, our towns and our villages and pray for the healing of our Nation, as we drive Christ's cross, anointed with healing oil into the ground.
This... over a period of 3 days. Your church, standing together with many others, with a program of events to syncronize us in the evenings and with a focus to keep the momentum going in your [work place] during the days.*
Together we will lift up a united offering to our Father that will cause His hand of blessing to, once again, rest on our Nation.
In Christ and for His sacrifice,
Tracey Taylor.
P.s. This is a spiritual AMBUSH. It is important the wrong ears do not hear about the plans. PRAY for angelic partnership, that there may be NO CASUALTIES OF WAR.
Programme of events will be sent in due course. This is a free event to put on in your area and you can choose where as a congregation you wish to meet up. All you will need, resource wise, is something that can act as a stake, along with a mallet to hammer it into the ground (see the wooden stake on the promotional video as an example). If it is possible, be in communication with other churches in your area.  

Revival Must Begin In The Church...