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An associate member of I.S.M.E., Tracey Taylor is recognised through London’s worldwide known and prestigious vocal establishment The Voice College. Holding a qualified teacher status, Tracey is endorsed by the college as a vocal coach to teach contemporary style singing (CCM). Learn more on the services Tracey offers – from private singing lessons to vocal projection workshops, songwriting and musicality workshops to performance preparation, plus more, and find out how you can book your coaching with Tracey below. For testimonials, please see the bottom of the page.


“Your voice holds a treasure chest of jewels that is just waiting to be unlocked!It is true that the majority of people, from before we even enter adulthood, end up interfering with the process that was once undefiled as a baby, just because of the expectations, demands and stresses and strains of life that come upon us. Would you like to be able to use your voice, once again, in a way that unlocks this treasure chest of potential?
Whether your aim is singing for fun, singing for health or singing to multitudes in an arena, to be able to sing properly and experience all of the benefits this wonderful gift has to offer, we need to go back to the start. I’d love to work and walk alongside you on your journey!”

Private lessons are held at Hummingbird Coaching’s premises in Congleton, East Cheshire and nation/worldwide via Skype, FaceTime or ZOOM. Tracey offers a FREE initial assessment and consultation (up to 30 mins), which includes ‘meet & greet’, sharing your needs and aims, along with singing one or two songs of your choice. There-after coaching is £15 per half hour session, or £25 for an hour.

Advanced Bookings Deal:
Deal 1: For every 5 x half-hour and one-hour lessons paid for in advance, receive 10% off.
Deal 2: Buy 9 one-hour or half-hour lessons and get the 10th free!

Bookings are taken between the hours of 10:00a.m. & *7:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Please contact Tracey by sending a Skype message or by filling in the contact form, both found at the bottom of the page.
*Trace also gives guitar lessons on request*


Do you find yourself in the public domain where venues offer no microphone for amplification? Do you find yourself straining to be heard at the back of the room? This is a common problem especially amongst teachers in university lecture halls or classroom settings.
How do you get heard without causing your voice damage or coming away feeling pain due to the stress of the event?
Hummingbird Coaching offers one-to-one or group setting workshops on how to better project your voice and even still have energy at the end of a full day of speaking! Please contact Tracey via one of the options below, for more information.


Do you have a performance coming up that you would value some artistic direction with? Having come under the mentorship of world renowned artist director Tom Jackson and having a wealth of performance experience under her belt as a singer and choreographer, Tracey is ready to help you prepare for your big day.

Are you preparing to head into the recording studio and would value some top tips on making the most of your time there? With over 10 years of recording experience, including most recent projects being recorded by Sony award winning Prism Studios, Tracey can give you invaluable insight into the kind of environment you’re stepping into, what you can expect and how you should prepare so you aren’t caught off-guard and find your money unproductively spilling out of your pockets…

Contact Tracey via one of the options below to discuss your needs.

SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS (group or one-to-one)

Would you like help writing a song? Would you value some tips on where to begin or develop a concept? Would you like the opportunity to write a song with Trace Taylor? Get in touch for more information on this and songwriting workshops Hummingbird Coaching holds.


Do you like the sound of a group singing lesson? Or do you *want to improve your rhythmic and general musical skills? Hummingbird Coaching can help develop, through the aid of fun games and exercises involving movement and vocalisation, concepts of beat, measure, sound analysis, response, co-ordination, patterns, ear training and much more. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. (*Also available on a one-to-one basis.)

For other video/audio media and a full teacher profile, please find me on


“I am a professional singer and wanted a few refresher singing lessons to ensure I hadn’t picked up any bad habits over the years! I immediately felt very comfortable with Tracey, who is extremely friendly, patient and more importantly very knowledgeable about the voice. She worked through exercises with me that challenged my vocal agility, stamina and fine tuned my ear to pitch. We also worked on tension release, which has had a huge benefit on improving the tone of my voice. I continue to practice the exercises Tracey gave me during our lessons and I have found them hugely beneficial. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey as a singing teacher suitable for all abilities.”

Wendy Abrahams, professional singer and family entertainer

“I had asked Tracey to help me sustain a specific character voice whilst singing, she gave me a number of tips which I have found extremely useful. I was extremely impressed with how she was able to adapt her knowledge of different singing methods to suit the character voice I had chosen…
…I have genuinely noticed how much easier I have found singing since working with Tracey. This has really helped me in my business and I would definitely work with Tracey again. I have no hesitation in recommending her which is the best endorsement I can give.”

Wink Taylor, Head Writer and Production Assistant for The Sooty Show. Brand Owner/Deviser of the Theo The Mouse Show

“For me as a producer, it’s so refreshing working with an artist like Trace Taylor. Working on her It Is Finished album (2015) was a very refreshing project in terms of engineering: It’s an album where, when you listen to it in its entirety, time seems to go very fast -which is a sign of good song arrangements and a good album structure.”

Shaun Lowe, Sony award winning Prism Studios

“Trace Taylor is a talented and accomplished musician. Having toured with her, seeing first hand her artistic excellence and passionate performances capture audiences attention at each event, I am convinced she would make an excellent vocal and performance coach for any aspiring artist. I strongly recommend her!”

Ted Bruun, Founder of the U.S.A & international tour, The Extreme Tour.

Trace has also been part of an artist mentoring team at the tour’s The Objective conference, held in Nashville TN. The role requires a great deal of listening and sensitivity, as well as imparting knowledge and experience, to help the artists move forward in their sense of calling.

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