Trace Taylor is a British worship leader, singer-songwriter and recording artist, currently splitting her time between Congleton, the wider United Kingdom and internationally with her growing itinerant ministry. Licensed and accredited by The International Fellowship of Ministries and endorsed by the Beacon House Of Prayer, Stoke-on-Trent (part of IHOP), Trace also ministers within the prophetic sphere (see Prophecy tab.).

Since first stepping out into song-writing over twenty years ago and after exploring studio recording through a number of projects, 2015 saw Trace’s debut solo album “It Is Finished” finally released. Over the last few years, Trace’s demographic as a worship leader, artist, speaker and mentor has extended to Spain, Finland and Nashville, U.S.A. having struck up a partnership with international youth outreach initiative, The Extreme Tour.

Learning the piano as a child, she penned her first tune when she was about 9 years old. It was at age 14 that Trace sensed something growing in her with regards to music and it was whilst at university that she really began to explore performing, growing in her song-writing and guitar playing skills. Trace’s music ranges from Christian cross-over to devotional worship, carrying an electro-pop-rock ambient vibe. She is often compared to Annie Lennox and Alanis Morrisette in terms of creativity and performance.

Trace is currently recording her second project, which is a level up from her first album, exploring more creative avenues. In addition to solo performances, she tours with her band Trace + The Resonators, a finely honed outfit made up of husband drummer/percussionist Ween and Worldwide Ritter endorsed bass player, Pete Townsend.

In her spare time, Trace is a vocal coach and presents a show on Stoke-on-Trent’s charity radio station, Access Radio. She also loves to write and you can read some of her work on the Articles page.

"Phenomenal gifting and talent"
Samme-Palermo, CEO-HeirChex Digital. Global distribution of Christian music to radio and pastor at TheOasisCF.com.
” ‘It’s worship first and anything else comes out of that’ The Lord Jesus said to me in February, 2006. Creativity of music and art, cultivated out of that place of worship, creates music and art from the heart; creates art that releases Heaven’s touch.”​​​​​​​​​
"I love the music! People have gotta know though... Trace is more than just about music"
Kevin Prosche, U.S.A and worldwide known worship leader. Owner of Third Ear Studios, Kevin is also in a band called The Black Peppercorns.

On The Road

Trace has an itinerant ministry that regularly sees her leading worship across the denominations of the U.K., ministering at outreach events and receiving invitations to secular and Christian festivals nationwide. Now beginning to get established outside of the United Kingdom, 2017 saw Trace returning to Nashville for the second time to form part of a critiquing and mentoring panel for a tour that takes place every year. In addition, within the last two years Trace has stepped further into Europe, taking her music and prophetic ministry into Spain and Finland.

One of Trace’s partners who helps undertake bookings for the U.K. is Ministry Of Music. If you are interested in finding out more, please click here or visit: https://ministryofmusic.co.uk/trace-taylor.
(Trace is a member of the Musicians Union.)

Examples of where Trace has been sent:
Finland Prophetic Conference, 2017

The Extreme Tour’s The Objective conference, Nashville USA, 2016/2017

Preparing For Revival, Love Stoke Church, Stoke-on-Trent, England. 

Beacon House Of Prayer, Stoke-on-Trent (where Trace and her family fellowship)

Churches: St. Mary’s Church Crich, Derby; St. Stephens Ch. Bath; Cornerstone Church, Kilmarnock; The Oasis Lounge. Anglesey; Lifenews Kingdom Church, London and others…

Prophetic Voice day conference, Liverpool.

Costa Coffees nationwide as part of the Sunday Night Live initiative

Festivals: KingsStock, Grace Fest, Stoke Carnival, London Road Fest, Chesil Rocks amongst others…


Trace is currently recording a new project, with an EP due to be released in August, 2018.

The first track below, called The Flight, is one of six songs to featured on Trace’s forthcoming EP entitled The Yeshua Tree (vol 1). Below The Flight, are songs from Trace’s previous 2015 debut album project, It Is Finished. (This album is available in CD or digital download. Please visit the SHOP.)

At the bottom of this page, you will find a track video and an interview of Trace as she shares the vision behind her It Is Finished album. This video contains audio and visual clips acting as a powerful insight into Trace’s eclectic first album.




The new EP by Trace Taylor.
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