1.5 hrs workshop: Foundations 2

Price: £5 per person

In this workshop, you will experience your resonant voice as you connect with your ‘pure windpipe’, building upon your knowledge of breath and posture support from Foundations 1.

You will go deeper into learning about tension release and how this affects your tone. Through easy vocal exercises, we will look at what ‘anchoring’, having a ‘bright face‘ and the ‘zig-a-zig-a‘ smile is all about, and how all this affects the sound of your voice – in a positive way.

You will have the opportunity to find out what your vocal range is (you may well be surprised!) through a ‘siren’ exercise and after this, you will put all you have learned (including how to initially access those higher notes learnt from Foundations 1) into practice, as we sing Amazing Grace together.

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Tracey Taylor of Kingdom Voice Coaching is a recognised vocal practitioner of The Voice College, London and is a member of ISME.

Tracey is DBS certified and is a member of the Musicians Union.