1.5 hrs workshop: Level 1.1

Following on from the Foundations 1 + 2 courses, in this workshop we spend more time on learning how to access those higher notes in a healthy way. We will be…

Learning about your voice box:
-Where it is
-What it looks like
-It’s multiple functions and positions in relation to singing
-How to work with it to access higher notes (the second approach: the more classical sound. You learnt the first approach in Foundations 1)
-A deeper look at breathing: How it relates to your voice box and therefore how correct breathing helps you to reach those higher notes.

Through simple vocal exercises, you will practice this technique. You will see how high you can go by applying this technique. (Depending on numbers, this may need to continued to be explored at home with your own keyboard or app.)

All this, together with what you have learnt from the previous Foundations workshops, will make a huge difference in the quality of your tone and enjoyment factor of singing. You will be experiencing new heights in your confidence levels!

Finally, we will take a brief look at registers in the voice and how the muscles of your voice box work in relation to registers. We will end the session on the healthy siren, allowing you to experience that seem-less contemporary sound, from your lowest to your highest notes.

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Tracey Taylor of Kingdom Voice Coaching is a recognised vocal practitioner of The Voice College, London and is a member of ISME.

Tracey is DBS certified and is a member of the Musicians Union.