From Nothing – Ex Nihilo

From Nothing

– Ex Nihilo – 

Episode 1, by Tracey Taylor – Mar/April 2018

Have you ever wondered how creation came into existence? There are different theories in circulation about how life began, but let us take a step back for a moment and ponder: Just how does something that does not exist, suddenly come into being?

Whatever theory or concept you hold to about creation, have you considered how the beginning of creation had its beginning? A bit mind-blowing when we think about it!

As we touch on the worlds of the visible and the invisible throughout this From Nothing series, let us begin by venturing back to the start of time as we know it, reflecting with an open heart and open mind the question: Just how did the beginning of life on planet Earth begin? 

…Phew! That’s a massive concept isn’t it?! Let’s scale it down to a more accessible picture for our minds. Consider this morning…
We awaken to a new day; the sun rises and shines in the blue sky (yes, they are still there, even if they are covered by cloud!); the birdsong awakens the dawn and the ground is covered with morning dew -a pearlescent moisture that covers the garden with sparkling diamonds. Multitudes of droplets glisten as they rest on each blade of grass, uncover hidden spider webs, suspend from needles of the forest pine tree, making its scent even more luscious than before…
Formed by invisible water gas, entwined with the air until the temperature drops at nightfall when they separate, causing the vapour to transform into liquid once again (1).
Life is teeming all around. Flowers and trees are growing… reproducing… responding to each Season’s call. Constant is the energy that surges through them. Like the flow of electricity, everything is buzzing: From the smallest of insects to the sparrows in the hedgerow; from the tallest tree to the animals in the wild; each are engaged in its task, perpetually, day by day, busy doing… Life. 

How did all this come into existence? The rhythm of life? The cycle of the seasons? The sun that rises in the east and sets in the west every day, and which gives way to the moon and stars at night? The miracle of DNA in a microscopic egg? The miracle of conception, incubation and birth of a human life? Is it too fantastic to believe that there is an author behind it all? An inventor who came up with a “design for life”, as the Manic Street Preachers once sung about? However some of us may struggle to believe this, I want to suggest that we can -believe. Just because our minds cannot fathom the concept of the existence of a creator, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Just because our minds cannot grasp the notion of an eternally-existing entity, since everything we know and understand of life has a starting point, doesn’t mean that this being, whom I shall call God, doesn’t exist. 

In this brief introduction on the exploration of ‘the beginning of the beginning’, it has been my intention to whet your appetite on the subject of “Ex Nihilo”: From nothing (2). It is my hope that I have triggered in you a response to think about your beliefs and to consider how creation, although silent, speaks of an intelligent designer who has purposefully created all life. 
If this is something you just can’t believe, then I ask you to examine why. It’s good to talk. 

I hope you will join me for the following editions of From Nothing, where we will continue our journey into Ex Nihilo.

**copyright 2018 Tracey Taylor. You are welcome to share this piece of work, but please quote the author. All rights reserved.**

(1) Information taken from the website
(2) Latin for “from nothing.”

Tracey Taylor is someone who cherishes the presence of God and wishes for all to know and experience the reality of this perfect parent, loving father, nurturing mother and sacrificial saviour. 
Tracey is married with two children. A street pastor and DJ for in her spare time, Tracey’s profession is as a qualified vocal coach of contemporary singing. Also known as recording artist and singer-songwriter Trace Taylor, she regularly travels the UK, and beyond, with her music and worship leading ministry. Tracey is a budding writer and is enjoying penning her first novella, “Not Fire But Blood, Not Judgement But Love”.

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  1. I抦 no longer positive the place you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend a while studying much more or working out more. Thanks for fantastic information I was in search of this info for my mission.

    1. Hi there! Great to hear from you and that you have found my thoughts useful. I am writing a book on it, which I will have published next year some time. (Probably Fall – Winter 2020.) So please keep in touch if you are interested! Huge blessings to you ~ Trace

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