From Nothing – Invisible, Yet Seen (2)

From Nothing

– Invisible, Yet Seen (cont…) –

Episode 3, by Tracey Taylor – June/July 2018

In the opening two episodes of this From Nothing series, I have been building a case for why we can believe in the existence of an invisible dimension implying how, when we start to think of how life forms and functions around us, we actually all believe in what we cannot see. The simple formation of a cloud was an illustrating point I made that led onto introducing us to the concept of “faith”.
    Before we can move more on to this particular faith concept however, (the kind of faith which calls for a greater measure of ‘stepping out’ when it comes to believing in what we cannot see), I’d like to invite you to look at some of these ‘invisible components’ all around us that is mentioned in the book of Hebrews in the Bible as being “woven into the fabric of planet Earth”. Elements we can, with little persuasion, easily believe in.

Sound is all around. I can remember from my Air Training Corps days learning that sound travels at the speed of 760mph! (I have more recently learned that this is specific to sound traveling in air, which makes sense why I would learn this particular velocity at A.T.C.) There are other velocities that sound travels at, depending on the denseness of the material and its temperature. For example, the thicker and colder the material is, the faster sound will travel through it. In water, sound has been recorded to travel at 3,300mph; in aluminium 11,400mph; whilst in diamond, sound has been recorded as traveling at the  whopping speed of 27,000mph! So, in relating to the subject of this episode, I ask the question: Can we see sound? In general everyday life, the answer is no. Our eyes are not configured to see sound. It is our ears that are designed to hear and therefore detect noise. In the science field, scientists suggested we can see sound if the waves are powerful enough, such as from an exploding bomb, due to the dense air that is created. (This allows us to see those particular wave forms through the light that they refract.) In addition to this, there are scientific techniques invented that enable us to see sound waves. You may wish to spend time researching this subject. The point is, we all believe in sound -even though we cannot see it- because we experience it. We know it to be true. In the Deaf-World, people acknowledge sound, albeit differently. Says an article on, “A hearing person can only try to imagine the sensations that are much more developed in a deaf person.”
…Let us now move on from this topic and look at another sense:
Again, naturally we cannot see smell yet we know whether something good or bad is being cooked up! I love flowers. There is a small tree called Wisteria whose flowers cluster together to form, what closely resembles, a bunch of grapes hanging from a vine. Its scent is divine and I can smell it on the wind from yards away. Wisteria’s fragrance draws me away from this world, for a moment, as I am caught up in its extravagant aroma. It is a rapturous moment that reminds me of Heaven’s presence on Earth -the invisible, here amongst us, made real through my sense of smell. Why don’t you just take a moment right now, to pause and ponder on your own experiences? 

…Let’s look at another phenomenon woven into creation: Air. We move through this freely-given, open space all around us constantly. It is completely intangible, void of substance (other than gaseous). Two of these gases (at the very least) we experience on a daily basis in order to survive. As we inhale Oxygen, we exhale Carbon-dioxide (which the plants and trees around us soak up, cleverly replenishing the Oxygen levels back into the air. You know how it works..). As we breathe in the Oxygen gas, it makes its way through our entire body causing a physical impact to our whole being: Our blood stream; our muscles; our bones; our organs. Breathing properly helps reduce stress, which has an effect on our body as well as our mind and emotions. 

Oxygen is like a wind we breathe in that gives us life.
In the opening book of the Bible, Genesis says this, “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

In the next episode, I will touch on more of the invisible elements that surround us in our every day life on planet Earth.

**copyright 2018 Tracey Taylor. You are welcome to share this piece of work, but please quote the author. All rights reserved.**

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From Nothing – Invisible, Yet Seen (1)

From Nothing

– Invisible, Yet Seen – 

Episode 2, by Tracey Taylor – April/May 2018

“‘I will be for the most part, invisible. Yet, I shall be seen so that none can say ‘I do not believe in what I cannot see’’. And so, invisible elements were woven into the fabric of planet Earth and the skies that lay beyond, whom no-one could deny…” (Not Fire But Blood; Not Judgement, But Love (1)

In the first episode, I invited us to ponder on every day life; the seasons, the rhythm of creation great and small and to consider how this remarkable, faithful routine of nature, came about. In this episode, we are going to delve in a little deeper – go beyond the surface of what we see every day and start to look at some of these invisible elements all around that impact our everyday lives. First though, I want to extend an invitation to you again, this time to contemplate what the opening paragraph might mean.

This seemingly contradictory statement, is a paraphrase of a scripture found in the Bible. Taken from the book of Romans, it was written around 57-58 A.D. by a former anti Jesus-of-Nazareth zealot and Roman citizen named Saul of Tarsus, who had a miraculous conversion on his way to approve of a Christian’s stoning in Damascus (2). In chapter 1 verse 20 it reads, “For ever since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through His workmanship [all His creation, the wonderful things that He has made]…” (3)
   What this verse from the Bible is saying is that although we cannot physically see the material form of the Creator, his fingerprints are all over creation. We see his workmanship through the routine rhythm of nature, the faithfulness of the day and night and in every other aspect of life that we know of. There are numerous other places in the Bible where a similar statement is written, by a different person, in an entirely different time of history. One such place is in the book of Psalms. The Psalmist David, a shepherd boy turned King of Israel (4), was a talented and famous musician and songwriter. He often wrote songs, hymns and refrains about the goodness and glory of the Creator. One such psalm relating to the Creator’s invisible appearance being seen in nature, is in psalm 19. We read in its opening verse, “the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (5)
   So God is saying in effect, ‘you can see me. You can also touch me, smell me, taste me, hear me and feel me.’ All this we can experience through his creation, which he has given us as a starting point in getting to know him (6).
   In addition, there are many references to Creator God as ‘sustainer’ and ‘life giver’ (e.g. Psalm 104 and Genesis ch. 1), allusions to his authority over the elements of the Earth such as the clouds and the weather (Job 38:33-37), to call in more examples.
Speaking of which, have you ever seen a cloud form?
   …One sunny day, I was basking in its warmth whilst gazing at the blue sky. Suddenly, seemingly from no-where, in the midst of this untainted blue sky a puff of white formed. It grew and shrunk and grew and shrunk some more. It turned from white to dark grey and then regressed back to white, as it drifted in the sky. Finally, this puff of smoke disappeared again! It was quite an experience! I was astounded at what was my first encounter of this scientific phenomenon. Here I witnessed first hand something form ex nihilo -from nothing. And yet we know that the cloud does not form from nothing… We know about the invisible water gas and vapour (see episode 1).
So there is, without doubt, a substance that the unseen element is made up of. There is, without doubt, a very real invisible dimension around us. What we can also take from this cloud illustration, is the very real plausibility of what chapter 11 of Hebrews in the Bible says: “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible” (v3); a God who has woven invisible elements into the fabric of our life’s existence, to teach us of him. 

Faith is that very definition: Believing in what you cannot see.

**copyright 2018 Tracey Taylor. You are welcome to share this piece of work, but please quote the author. All rights reserved.**

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This psalm 19 was written around 979 BC.
(6) The explanation to this ‘starting point’ will be unveiled in a later episode.

From Nothing – Ex Nihilo

From Nothing

– Ex Nihilo – 

Episode 1, by Tracey Taylor – Mar/April 2018

Have you ever wondered how creation came into existence? There are different theories in circulation about how life began, but let us take a step back for a moment and ponder: Just how does something that does not exist, suddenly come into being?

Whatever theory or concept you hold to about creation, have you considered how the beginning of creation had its beginning? A bit mind-blowing when we think about it!

As we touch on the worlds of the visible and the invisible throughout this From Nothing series, let us begin by venturing back to the start of time as we know it, reflecting with an open heart and open mind the question: Just how did the beginning of life on planet Earth begin? 

…Phew! That’s a massive concept isn’t it?! Let’s scale it down to a more accessible picture for our minds. Consider this morning…
We awaken to a new day; the sun rises and shines in the blue sky (yes, they are still there, even if they are covered by cloud!); the birdsong awakens the dawn and the ground is covered with morning dew -a pearlescent moisture that covers the garden with sparkling diamonds. Multitudes of droplets glisten as they rest on each blade of grass, uncover hidden spider webs, suspend from needles of the forest pine tree, making its scent even more luscious than before…
Formed by invisible water gas, entwined with the air until the temperature drops at nightfall when they separate, causing the vapour to transform into liquid once again (1).
Life is teeming all around. Flowers and trees are growing… reproducing… responding to each Season’s call. Constant is the energy that surges through them. Like the flow of electricity, everything is buzzing: From the smallest of insects to the sparrows in the hedgerow; from the tallest tree to the animals in the wild; each are engaged in its task, perpetually, day by day, busy doing… Life. 

How did all this come into existence? The rhythm of life? The cycle of the seasons? The sun that rises in the east and sets in the west every day, and which gives way to the moon and stars at night? The miracle of DNA in a microscopic egg? The miracle of conception, incubation and birth of a human life? Is it too fantastic to believe that there is an author behind it all? An inventor who came up with a “design for life”, as the Manic Street Preachers once sung about? However some of us may struggle to believe this, I want to suggest that we can -believe. Just because our minds cannot fathom the concept of the existence of a creator, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Just because our minds cannot grasp the notion of an eternally-existing entity, since everything we know and understand of life has a starting point, doesn’t mean that this being, whom I shall call God, doesn’t exist. 

In this brief introduction on the exploration of ‘the beginning of the beginning’, it has been my intention to whet your appetite on the subject of “Ex Nihilo”: From nothing (2). It is my hope that I have triggered in you a response to think about your beliefs and to consider how creation, although silent, speaks of an intelligent designer who has purposefully created all life. 
If this is something you just can’t believe, then I ask you to examine why. It’s good to talk. 

I hope you will join me for the following editions of From Nothing, where we will continue our journey into Ex Nihilo.

**copyright 2018 Tracey Taylor. You are welcome to share this piece of work, but please quote the author. All rights reserved.**

(1) Information taken from the website
(2) Latin for “from nothing.”

Tracey Taylor is someone who cherishes the presence of God and wishes for all to know and experience the reality of this perfect parent, loving father, nurturing mother and sacrificial saviour. 
Tracey is married with two children. A street pastor and DJ for in her spare time, Tracey’s profession is as a qualified vocal coach of contemporary singing. Also known as recording artist and singer-songwriter Trace Taylor, she regularly travels the UK, and beyond, with her music and worship leading ministry. Tracey is a budding writer and is enjoying penning her first novella, “Not Fire But Blood, Not Judgement But Love”.

Always Bridge The Gap: Mix Voice – An Introduction

Always bridge the gap: Mix Voice – An Introduction 

If singers choose to skip what’s known as the “Mix Voice”, they risk causing long-term damage to their voice. So what, then, is the Mix Voice and how does it alleviate this problem?
The Mix Voice is otherwise known as the Middle Register (all will be explained). As its name suggests, it sits between the lower range of vocals commonly known as Chest Voice, (or Chest Register), and the higher range of notes, known as the Head Voice (or Head Register).
The Middle Register’s primary function, is to avoid the “flip” sound that occurs in the voice at certain key points along your vocal ascent. If you sing, starting on a comfortable note and begin rising in pitch, you will get to a note where you feel something… weird… going on with your voice, as if it doesn’t know where to place itself; a kind of tug-of-war sensation. I won’t go into the science of what is happening here on this occasion, but to the untrained singer it would be at this point, the break point, that the sound would “flip” into a much weaker sound -unless the Middle Register is engaged. So what about the alternative name for it -the Mix Voice?

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