KVC All-Day Workshop 1

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In response to a number of Christian folk coming up to me, saying “I struggle with singing many worship songs because they go too high”, an all-new One-Day Crash-Course for the Every-Day Worshipper has been created!

This workshop has been running since October 2018 and has seen much fruit by its participants. If you have never had any vocal training before, want to grow in confidence with your singing or even if you had had prior training but want to spend time digesting the foundations again, come and be empowered to take your singing to the next level. Experience new release in your singing to our heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ and have a greater impact on the atmosphere around you, as you learn some key tips and tools for releasing your voice as our heavenly Father has designed it.

The next three workshop dates are now available for registration and are being held on the Saturdays June 1st, 14th September and 19th October. Held at the hospitable New Life Church in Congleton, Cheshire, you will be assured of a warm welcome. The information and detailed itinerary of the day, along with how to register, are found below. As a child of God, KVC is giving you £180 worth of tuition and resources to go away with FOR JUST £30! Including delicious home-baked *cakes for you to enjoy from a professional baker.
(*Celiac dietary requirements catered for.)

Here are a few testimonies of those who have attended the day:
Elaine from Congleton:I went to a ‘1 day Crash Course for the Every Day Worshipper’ and found Trace so knowledgeable and helpful (and fun) that I immediately booked a series of lessons with her. I have been a worship band backing singer most of my adult life but have been having major problems with my singing voice in recent years. It was hugely encouraging that Trace could hear what was going wrong and work out effective corrective exercises and helpful suggestions. I’m 4 weeks in and I am already noticing big changes in my voice and beginning to grow in confidence again. And I’m finding some notes right at the bottom of my range that I didn’t even know I could reach!”

Al from Stoke-on-Trent: “10/10 – I feel fired up!”

Denise from Stoke-on-Trent: “10/10 The workshop kick-started my connection with my voice”

Jeff from Congleton: “I was unsure if it was for me, but I found out it was! I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.”

Sarah from Congleton: “Passionately and enthusiastically delivered!”

Jan from Congleton: “Really useful and inspired”

Marlene from Congleton: “My confidence grew as the day went on…” 10/10

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A brief overview of what to expect
Session 1: “Back To Basics is all about re-learning how your voice has been designed and gaining tools to allow it to start flourishing again. We knew it when we were babies and young toddlers and gladly gave it its freedom! But as we grow up, gaining awareness of life and the pressures it brings, along with our natural tendency to take control, we end up interfering with its natural design. This stifles our voice and that beautiful resonant ring we once knew when young, has been put back in its treasure chest, lid down and in some cases, locked.
In this session, through vocal exercises (vocal-e’s) and visuals, we will look at the foundational keys to unlocking and lifting the lid of the treasure chest that is your voice.  We will touch on registers, note ‘placement’ and look at why humming is so beneficial. In addition to this and more, you will have the opportunity of finding out what your vocal range is!

Session 2: ‘How To Sing Higher is the question on everybody’s lips! Learn the key techniques to enable you IMMEDIATELY to sing those notes you have only ever previously strained to reach (or not reached at all).
Now you have the foundations in place, your voice is ready to be activated and to sing with resonance! Learn what your voice box looks like and its multiple functions: Your voice box is the key focus of this session and during this time you will have the opportunity to have one-to-one coaching regarding application of technique. You will also have the opportunity to have another range test specific to the area we have been working on in this session.

Session 3: “Putting It All Together In Song
Experience the difference, as you put all you have learned in sessions 1 & 2 together in the simple, well known traditional song “Jesus, Your Love Has Melted My Heart”. (Words and YouTube link below. ) During this time we will also look at ways of approaching vowels within words, such as how to sing the ‘EE’ in Jesus in a way that enables a pure, unrestricted, resonant sound.

You will be invited to find your own personal space during this session, during which I will be available for any 1-2-1 to answer any questions you may have. Is there a line or part of a song that you would value help on? Why not bring it with you! There will also be an opportunity for you during this time to peruse the diagrams around the room, should you wish to delve in a little deeper into the science and knowledge of your vocal system. I encourage you to grow in knowledge of your instrument.

After a time we will all meet back together, where those of you who are happy to may share your experiences. This will lead into a brief Q&A time, closing our time together in prayer and perhaps a song (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…) twice through together if everyone feels comfortable.  You will find the lyrics below and a youtube link to familiarise yourself with this beautiful, meditative song, ready for this session:


Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGtGLXPmjuo

On arrival, you will be asked to read and sign a safety *waiver (see below).

As The LORD blesses us through the lips of Isaiah in chapter 40 verse 4, so I bless you, that “every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low” in your life.

…In singing, this will become a more profound Word of God and tool of insight and imagery than you can imagine!

In Christ and for His Kingdom,

Tracey Taylor.
To book
, please click here to be taken to the registration form or copy/paste this URL https://tracetaylor.eu/kvc-workshop-registration. (If you are having trouble booking for any reason, please email salesATtracetaylor.eu.)
If you are interested in KVC Vocal Release 1-Day Crash-Course For The Every Day Worshipper coming to your church, then please fill in the contact form or call Tracey on 07540 283796.

Tracey Taylor has a P.Dip.TVC, QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and is a recognised practitioner of The Voice College, London as a teacher of contemporary singing.
Tracey attends the Beacon House of Prayer in Stoke-on-Trent and is licensed to minister under the International Fellowship of Ministries. Tracey is also an itinerant singer-songwriter and worship leader. She is married with two boys, Luke and Jacob and lives in Cheshire, England. To find out more about Tracey, go to https://tracetaylor.eu/about.

*Waiver of Liability
You will be asked to sign the waiver statement below, when you arrive:

This agreement releases Kingdom Voice Coaching from all liability relating to injuries that may occur during singing and on location at Sycamore Cottage, Stoke-on-Trent. By signing this agreement, I agree to hold Kingdom Voice Coaching entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence. I also acknowledge the risks involved in singing beyond my capability and that Kingdom Voice Coaching will ensure this is not practiced during my time at KVC one-day workshop. These include, but are not limited to, voice damage from straining, sore throat or other ailments {this should be made known before hand. However because of the nature of the day, no strenuous singing will be taking place}. I declare that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. Additionally, I do not have any conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity.
By signing below I forfeit all right to bring a suit against Kingdom Voice Coaching for any reason. In return, I will receive participation in the KVC one-day workshop. I will also make every effort to obey any safety precautions explained to me verbally. I will ask for clarification when needed.

I, _____________, fully understand and agree to the above terms.

(Participant) Date

NB: This day is designed to see you on the first leg of the journey; the first rung of the ladder. We will spend time in the “safe zone” of singing to ensure no damage is caused to your vocal cords. Afterwards it is up to you to continue honing your new skill! (Or book further private lessons should you wish.)

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