Trace + The Resonators


Launched May 2018, Trace + The Resonators are a finely honed three piece outfit, worship-performance band. Their heart is to take the Father’s heart out to the people in our nation and beyond, and to spread the good news about Jesus. Trace + The Resonators also minister to the Body of Christ as Levitical Priests, with the anointing to lead worshippers into Father’s throne room, encountering His beautiful presence.

Through their love of musical theatre, Trace + The Resonators are exploring creative and multi media ways of presenting their offering, presenting the message of Father’s love in a dynamic, engaging and powerful way. Expect a time with Trace + The Resonators to be prophetic in nature, involving music, song, spoken word, dance and more as time goes by.

Their music is a pretty eclectic mix, incorporating the sounds of jazz, rock, pop and folk with a general ambient electronic vibe throughout. The Resonators accompany Trace as she sings her original material, however as a band they do plan on recording a debut EP at some point in the future.
Available for leading worshippers, bringing prophetic performance as a full sound or stripped back unplugged style, Trace + The Resonators are as versatile as they come.

Front woman Trace Taylor shares,

“One of my dreams, is to create an event spectacular that equals the opening ceremony of the Olympics… Yet with the Spirit of God, it will surpass the opening ceremony of any worldly event! It is a vision of the very best of creativity, out-of-this-world ideas inspired by God and anointed by HIM upon His creatives that would be an act of worship, bringing the Father and the Son much glory. Does this Resonate with you? Let’s pray about this, look at working together and making it happen!”

Trace + The Resonators are:
Trace Taylor – Lead vocals, guitar, keys
Pete Townsend* – Bass & guitars
Ween Taylor – Drums and percussion

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